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Sealed Quotations are hereby invited from the Govt. Registered bonafide Importer/Pharmaceuticals/ Suppliers for supplying required medicine, Intra Occular Lens, Medicals Supplies and all other items in connection with treatment purpose including patients’ food as per Group wise Schedules mentioned below as per terms and conditions noted below through Postal Service/Courier Service/Direct in the address of the undersigned...

1. Name of the organization: Moulvibazar B.N.S.B Eye Hospital, Matarkapan, Shamshernagar Road, Moulvibazar.
2. Head of the Procuring entity: Hony. General Secretary.
3. Procurement Method: Open quotation system.
4. Name & Designation of the Quotation inviter: Syed Mushahid Ahmed, Hony. General Secretary.
5. Budget & source of Fund: Organization own source and different Donors including Govt. Grant..
6. Quotations Distribution Place & Time: B.N.S.B Eye Hospital, Matarkapan, Shamshernagar Road, Moulvibazar
7. Last date of distribution of Quotations: 22.06.2019
8. Last Date of Dropping Quotation: 24.06.2019 before 12 pm
9. Date & Time of opening Quotation: 24.06.2019 at 12.30 p.m.
10. Process of Submission: By mail to undersigned or direct drop at hospital tender box.
11. Pre-qualification of quotations with terms & conditions:
  1. Intra Ocular Lense, Medicine and all sorts of medical sullpies, supplier must have a legal distributorship license and good reputation of supplying items for hospitals
  2. Supplier of patients food must have a trade license and good reputaion
  3. Must have 3 years experience of supplying of materials against quotation.
  4. Photo copies of Distributorship certificates, Documents of importer ship, Renewed trade license and drug administration approval letter upto June30 2020 must be enclosed with the quotation.
  5. Quoted rate must valied for at least 1 year.(Upto 30 June 2020)
  6. Income Tax and VAT will be deducted from the suppliers bill as per existing rules and regulations.
  7. Intra Ocular Lens, Medicine, all sorts of medical supplies and other required materials will be accepted when all terms and conditions of issued work order are duley accomplished by the supplier and quality certificate certificate is given by assign persons.
  8. No quotation is to be treated valid until and unless all the terms and conditions are fulfilled by the quotation giver as well as Govt. Rules and Regulations are followed by them.
  9. Short time expire date medicine and medical supplies will not be received.
  10. Authority will reserve the right to receive any one or reject all the quotations without assigning any reason what so ever.
  11. Catalouge with facilities/ prospectus must be deposited to the engineering section during the time of submission of quotation within a protected cover with identification of the quotation giver.
  12. In respect of medicine and medical supplies, suppliers must be replace aby items which will be found unsaved for patients at his own cost.
Description of Schedules:
Sl.no Particulars Time allowed for supplying Remarks
1. All kinds of intraocular Lens(both non-foldable & foldable) Maximun 15 days from the date of issue works order
2. All kinds of Medicines 15 days from the date of issue works order
3 Medical Supplies 15 days from the date of issue works order
4 All kinds of specticles for projects and optic shop 10 days from the date of issue works order
5 All kinds of patients’ food 3 days from the date of issue works order
    (Akil Ahmed),
Convener, Tender Sub-Comittee,
B.N.S.B, Moulvibazar. Phone No 0861 52670(PABX), 62045,
E.Mail: bnsbmb@gmail.com